Christoph Steinert


My name is Christoph Steinert and I am excited to be a Politics and International Relations tutor in 2017 at Oxbridge International Summer School. I’m a MPhil student in International Relations here in Oxford. I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Mannheim in Germany and at the Trinity College in Dublin. My research focus lies in the area of conflict research and I’m particular interested in post-conflict environments. Right now I’m writing my dissertation about different post-conflict justice processes such as trials, amnesties, truth commissions, etc. and I investigate their effectiveness in bringing stability to conflict-torn societies. For the dissertation I will also make fieldwork in Colombia. Besides my studyings, I work in Oxford in a research project from the Oxford Institute of Ethics, Violence and Armed Conflict.

Apart from the professional stuff, I love sports (in particular football, skiing, runing, and climbing), live music, reading and travelling around the world! I’m sure we will have a great time together and I’m already looking forward to meeting you in the Oxbridge Summer School (and if you have not already, apply now)