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Our seminars are designed to:

Stimulate informal discussion and debate with students studying other subjects

Explore new and exciting topics through activities and group discussion

Offer the opportunity for debate

Approach a subject from a different angle, such as Life as a Junior Doctor for  Molecular Medics, or Creative Writing for English students

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During the summer school, we want you to discover more than your primary subject, which is why we offer a 6-hour supplementary seminar series in an entirely new subject of your choice.

Our seminars consist of three 2-hour sessions in groups of 10-12 alongside students from other subjects. You'll study topics that provide a contrast to, or closely complement, your primary subject, whilst building on the skills you've developed in tutorials and workshops.

Below you can find a few examples of the seminar series we will be running in 2017. Each series will consist of three two-hour sessions:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship

    The Business and Entrepreneurship Seminar series will focus on the fundamental questions at the heart of business: what makes a good entrepreneur? How do different businesses measure their success? And in the rapidly changing world in which we live, how can you develop the skills needed to succeed in the contemporary business sphere? You’ll use real life case studies to examine in detail why some businesses succeed where others fail, and learn the theory behind different business models, analysing their benefits and weaknesses. We aim to cultivate the intuitive and creative mind needed to be a successful entrepreneur, which you’ll explore through independent research, interactive presentations, and teamwork with like-minded people. Overall you’ll leave with strong business foundations from which you can prepare for further study, or maybe even build your own successful career!

    This option combines well with Economics, Politics and International Relations, International Development, and Law.

  • Current Affairs

    In the Current Affairs Seminar series, you'll get the chance to discuss and analyse current events, the debate surrounding their resolution or explanation, and consider their political and social contexts. Included will be an analysis of the British political system and current projects of the British government, focusing on how the British approach varies from those of other countries and why. We will also discuss a current news story in detail, with focus on the historical and political context and the response of the media. Throughout we will consider how the media’s use of technology and social media in the 21st Century has changed the way we access and understand current affairs.

    This option combines well with Politics and International Relations, International Development, History, and Law.

  • Ethics and Philosophy

    The Ethics and Philosophy seminar will provide an introduction to several different theories in both areas, and how we can apply them to the quandaries and problems of human experience. You will get the chance to learn about some great thinkers, from Mill to Plato, and to discuss the relevance of their thinking to classic problems and real life situations. The group setting will allow us to explore the symposium style method of discussion shown in so many of Plato’s philosophical works!

    This option combines well with Philosophy, Law, Psychology and Molecular Medicine.

  • Film Studies

    Our exciting Film Studies Seminars provide students with the opportunity to watch and discuss cinema from a critical and cultural perspective. You will learn about the theory of film-making and how to approach film as literature, as well as fascinating insight into the wider implications of the film industry. Film screenings will help you to encounter new, artistic cinema, and you’ll get a special insight into how films are made in the UK. Independent British cinema has its own character and is distinct from the Hollywood blockbusters you may have seen. Get to understand cinema from the country that brought you Love, Actually, The King’s Speech, Notting Hill, James Bond, and, of course, Harry Potter!

    This option combines well with humanities subjects like English, Philosophy and History.

  • Life as a Junior Doctor

    Life as a Junior Doctor is designed to inform you about what studying Medicine and training as a doctor is like from a practical perspective. During the seminar, you will meet with a doctor with experience in a number of disciplines, who will discuss their typical working day as well as what it’s like studying medicine at university in Britain. You will also discuss important issues in the delivery of medical treatment today, including the ethics of patient care, medical law and diagnostics.

    We recommend that all Molecular Medicine students take this seminar series, and it also combines well with Human and Animal Biology, and Psychology.