Famous Oxbridge Alumni: Alan Turing

February 26, 2016 - 1 minute read

alanturing Today, we’re highlighting a famous Cambridge alumnus, Alan Turing. His mathematical ability was instrumental in creating the machine which cracked the German Enigma code.

Turing studied maths at Cambridge, and despite his groundbreaking work aiding the allied war effort, he was badly treated by ‘the establishment’. You can read more about him here and how he he has been seen as the father of modern computing.

The code-breaking efforts during the war were centred in beautiful Bletchley Park, near Oxford. There, visitors can actually see and have a go with an Engima machine.

Oxford, and the wider area surrounding it, are full of history and beautiful buildings. If you’d like to spend your summer in this wonderful country, make sure you apply soon! We still have limited space left on our Engineering and Physics courses, if you feel inspired by code-breaking.

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