The End of the EU?

February 17, 2016 - 1 minute read

The EU was a drastic shift in the political landscape; suddenly, nation states which had been independent for centuries – or relatively recently formed in the 19th century – relinquishing some of their political and financial autonomy.

The EU can issue laws and directives which are valid across their member states, and of course the euro replaced individual currencies; good news for members with weaker economies, bad news for those who were stronger and who were brought down by the average.

This week, UK prime minister David Cameron is attempting to broker a deal which would satisfy those who want to leave the EU, ahead of an as-yet unscheduled referendum. Do you think he will succeed? Why, or why not? What are the key issues at stake?

If the ‘Brexit‘ does happen, what do you think will occur next within the EU members, and to the EU itself? Take a look at this article for another perspective on the role and future of the nation state; do you think the EU can coexist with an old fashioned nation state?

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