What do previous students think?

February 2, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Have a look at what some of our previous students thought about studying with us!

Alex (Monaco), Engineering

The two weeks I spent at the Oxford & Cambridge Summer School were the best I have ever had. I met so many new people, made friends and had so much fun! The counsellors were really nice and interesting as they had all studied in Oxford and Cambridge, so we could ask them all our questions about what it might be like to study there. The Engineering course was awesome! I was with two other students in my tutorials so it was easy to learn, and the seminars on current affairs provided a contrast to all the science I was doing, as well as an opportunity to discuss interesting issues with other students. Having our own bedrooms and Wi-Fi in our rooms was a huge plus, and eating at a different restaurant nearly every night was also great as it let us discover Oxford and everything it has to offer. My personal favourite excursion was the afternoon spent punting!Looking back on this wonderful experience I’d say it provided me a solid insight to university life, as well as the subject of Engineering. I really recommend this camp for people who are looking forward to meeting people from all over the world, working hard and playing hard too!

Darius (Switzerland), Psychology

I very much enjoyed attending the camp. I was impressed by the various amount of tutors available for multiple different subjects, and their competence in teaching these subjects. Every member of staff was very helpful and friendly. I also enjoyed the mix of cultures, the people coming from all around the world. The entire experience was very positive and I highly recommend it. I wish you a great summer.

Maria (Argentina), Politics & International Relations

The tutorials exceeded my expectations. I love the way the system works in that there is an ample amount of time to study independently, and then discuss the assignment in class the following day. Our tutor opened us up to great resources and did a wonderful job in presenting material.