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  • Economics

    The Economics course at OISS introduces students to the main concepts in micro and macroeconomics, equipping you with the tools to analyse and explain key economic issues. This course is a fantastic taster for anyone who is thinking about studying Economics or any social-science related subjects at university, and teaches a method of thinking and researching that is beneficial to all disciplines.

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  • Engineering

    During the course you will gain insights into how engineers approach real-world problems with the application of diverse scientific knowledge. Whether that be building a Formula One car, developing a computer programme or building a sky-scraper! Under the guidance of your tutor you will build up knowledge and skills which you can then practically apply towards the end of the programme.

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  • English

    Studying English at OISS is about equipping students with the skills to analyse and explore a wide variety of literature. By answering broad questions, such as ‘What is literature?’ and ‘What makes something a classic?’, you’ll begin to look at texts from a broad range of genres and discuss material (poetry, prose, political writing and even letters written by famous authors!) you won’t normally encounter at school.

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  • History

    Our History course will give you a stimulating and exciting taste of some of the key issues and big questions that face historians today, in addition to equipping you with the skills you need to be a successful university student. As well as looking at periods you may not have studied before, it’ll give you a fantastic overview of some of the more theoretical challenges of the study of history in the twenty-first century.

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  • Human and Animal Biology

    Our Human and Animal Biology course enables students to build the skills necessary to study both science and social courses at university. By exploring the building blocks of the world around us, the human and animal biology course will enable students to see not only how the human body works, but how it compares with the animal kingdom - making it a unique opportunity to extend your scientific and social understanding.

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  • International Development

    Why are some nations flourishing, and others struggling? How do we decide which countries are ‘developed’ and others aren’t? In this course, you’ll take a look at worldwide networks of trade, influence, and power, covering topics ranging from natural resources to colonialism to aid. International Development goes far beyond geography or economics – it is a truly multi-disciplinary course which can cover aspects of history, law, politics, social anthropology, and more.

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  • Law

    On our Law course you will engage with fundamental questions surrounding the role of the Law in society. You will consider how Law influences everyday practice, whilst also analyzing some historic, and sometimes controversial, cases in-depth. Under the guidance of your specialist tutor, you will explore complex debates and tensions within the Law, such as the relationship between a country’s national laws and international law, and throughout the course you will be challenged to formulate, articulate and defend your own opinions.

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  • Molecular Medicine

    If you’re interested in studying Medicine, Biology or Biochemistry at university, our Molecular Medicine course will provide you with a fascinating insight. Studying complex topics such as cell biology and immunology, you’ll apply your scientific knowledge to case studies of diseases and their treatments, making this course perfect for anyone who wants to go beyond what they’ve learnt in the classroom so far.

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  • Philosophy

    This course offers you a taste of what it is like to study Philosophy at a top university, engaging with the subject to a degree that is not normally possible in schools. If you come to study Philosophy with us, you will receive a fantastic tour of some of the most prominent thinkers and theories in the history of Philosophy. You will also study some of the key debates in contemporary Philosophy, all under the guidance of an expert tutor. This course will also teach you how to think, read and write like a philosopher. This means learning how to question and challenge ideas, think and respond critically and articulate your point of view.

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  • Physics

    Interested in studying Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, or even Philosophy at university? Our Physics course may be for you! We cover a range of topics, looking at the world around us with a focus on stars, planets and interstellar systems as well as gaining a theoretical grounding in quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity.

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  • Politics and International Relations

    The study of Politics and International Relations is fascinating – they are constantly changing and have a huge impact on daily life across the world, from Australia, to Albania, to Alabama. With Brexit, the rise of Trump, and Dilma's impeachment in Brazil in 2016 and elections in France and Germany in 2017, the study of politics has become key to understanding the world around us.

    The Politics and International Relations Course at OISS looks at different approaches to analysing domestic political structures and how different countries interact on the regional and global stage. We’ll go on to discuss how well these models can be applied to political issues and problems we see in the world today, and whether we can ever predict the political future.

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  • Psychology

    Our Psychology course will give you a fascinating and thought-provoking insight into important psychological theories, as well as investigating issues around the handling of experimental data. By using case studies of some of the most renowned experiments in psychology, you will gain a good grounding in some of the key challenges faced by psychologists today.

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We pride ourselves on our academic excellence, and we achieve this by offering unique courses based on our Oxbridge-educated tutors’ specialisms.


Oxbridge educated


Course subject


student:tutor ratio


Hours of tutorials, seminars & workshops

The Oxbridge International Summer School is an academic summer school which offers talented students the chance to study their chosen subject in-depth over a two week course. Our summer school introduces students to undergraduate-style learning, using small teaching groups and focused learning to develop the essential academic skills they need to improve and fulfill their potential.

Whilst on the summer school, students select a main subject to study with an Oxbridge graduate tutor. Students attend daily group tutorials, with around five other students, which are a fantastic opportunity to explore new and exciting concepts within a chosen discipline. 

In addition to these group tutorials, each week students complete an assessment which they will discuss in a one-to-one tutorial with their tutor.

This course material is them complemented by six hours of seminars, as well as over 10 hours of skills workshops.

The summer school is an excellent opportunity for students to spend a fun and rewarding two weeks immersed in academia, whilst also making friends with other motivated and ambitious students from around the world.

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