Monday, August 8th:

I set my alarm for 7:15 and hastily grabbed my workout clothing before meeting my peers at the bottom of the staircase. We have made it a routine to attend the daily morning running sessions offered at the Oxford University Park. Initially, only a few of us showed up, but as the week passed, more and more students participated.


The park is dead silent in the mornings, and the grass is typically covered in dew. While I am not a confident jogger, I love the fresh air. I embrace the opportunity to run, without constraint, through the trees. It is picturesque: the sun warms our skin as we jog, and each of us enjoys a view of freshly cut grass, flowers, and landmark university buildings.


After working out, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on a challenging tutorial. Returning to Lincoln Hall, my peers will grab breakfast before returning to their rooms for a shower. Occasionally I will purchase coffee and scones prior to attending classes. I will bring my books and computer in anticipation of new material. I was initially new to English Law and the concepts it entails. Today, we did a Mock Trial and studied several Human Rights cases. Many of the students, me included, had not done this activity before. The privilege of studying under an Oxford-taught tutor gave us the necessary exposure to understand mooting and even drove me to pursue it beyond the Summer School.

Given several hours of free time, we are also able to explore university colleges and life. Our Activity Coordinator, Ella, agreed to give us a guided tour of Worcester College, where she studies. While we walked through the grounds, I was amazed by the beauty of the facilities. Chasing the ducks, climbing the trees, and lounging on the Oxford-famous grass, many of us envisioned ourselves as future students.

Following independent research time, I often receive topic-specific seminars. We have covered everything from Descartes's Philosophy - the debate over Materialism vs. Dualism - to the skills required for an Oxbridge interview. Speaking and learning from our AC's has helped alleviate some of my stress regarding the application process. It has also been invaluable in answering some of the questions that I could not find online.


Tonight we concluded our evening with a delicious Fish and Chips dinner, followed by a performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet in the park. Both of these were culturally invigorating and reinforced the many advantages of studying abroad.


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