My mornings were different from one day to the other. I had an alarm ready everyday at exactly 7AM. Some days I’d wake up in time, ready for breakfast. I meet my friends at the bottom of the staircase and take on the day from there. Other days I’d wake up 5 minutes before class and I had to figure out a way to take a shower, get dressed and get the material for class ready all in under 5 minutes! Surprisingly, it is possible. I would print any essays due from the night before, get my highlighted reading packets and my notebook and head with excitement to learn more psychology in the 2-hour morning tutorial. Following an invigorating and highly informative tutorial my friends and I would gather outside, sign out and head to navigate through the streets of Oxford. Our free time was similarly structured over the whole program.


My friends and I would go and grab lunch at a different place each day. Often, we’d head to MooMoo’s milkshakes for a not-so light dessert. Then, we would look for bookshops, souvenirs and good restaurants for lunch tomorrow. We’d get to Lincoln Hall on time, energized and ready to start our individual research time. On rainy days, we’d get back soaked, but I found out that running to class in the rain is by far my favourite activity. During individual research, some of my friends preferred working on their essays or doing their reading in their room; others preferred the dining area or the common room to do so. I often spent it in my room with a couple of friends from my psychology class and we all worked for an hour and a half, trying to synthesize all the information we received in the day’s tutorial.

Later in the day we would have the opportunity to engage in seminars that were highly interesting. Some days we would discuss intriguing philosophies and other days we would practice effective skills to use in Oxbridge interviews. One of the lovely evenings in OISS, we had the opportunity to watch an outdoor Shakespeare play, something you never want to miss out on!

Following a packed day, we would wrap it up differently each time. After a delicious meal for dinner we have time to speak to our ACs, sit with friends in the common room or get ready for afternoon activities. Those included a drama workshop; where we performed scenes from Harry Potter, an hour of dancing Zumba or engaging in alternative Olympics on the fields of the university. You always have something to do and it’s amazing! By the way; the skits you and your friends produce in the drama workshop could very well be one of the funniest things you get to see, so make sure you have your cameras ready…

As the day comes to an end, I would sign in and head to bed at 11PM. Ready to take on yet another day of excitement, fun, friendship and learning. 


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