Our Ethos

Academic excellence is at the heart of what we do. Here at the Oxbridge International Summer School, we have an exciting and unique academic programme designed to encourage our students to think critically and develop their personal engagement with their chosen subject.

We have an emphasis on quality, and as a result all of our tutors are current Oxford and Cambridge graduates or postgraduates. Similarly, we make use of a ‘tutorial system’, a teaching structure famously employed by Oxbridge – meaning very small classes and intense collaborative discussion.

We believe that strong academics should be at the core of any educational course, which is why we are proud to offer at least 6 hours per week contact time with our carefully sourced tutors. These tutorial-based Courses are supplemented by discursive Seminars, interactive Workshops, and creative Activities & Trips, providing a balanced and comprehensive academic experience.

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  • Courses

    The core of our programme takes the shape of daily tutorials with an expert tutor in a subject of your choice.

    Our course choices cover a range of 12 exciting subjects, and offer you the chance to study your subject at undergraduate level, on a bespoke course designed by your tutor.

    Here you will be intellectually stretched, and encouraged to explore your subject far beyond your high school curriculum.

    You’ll not only get an academically invigorating experience, but it’s also a great chance to test out whether a certain subject will be right for you at university.

    To ensure all students learn and develop as much as possible, we keep our class sizes very small, with around six students per class, inspired by the teaching at Oxford and Cambridge.

    Similarly, to ensure all our students focus on the areas which interest them most, all students are given the exclusive chance to attend two one-to-one tutorials with our Oxbridge-educated tutors.

  • Seminars

    To balance the in-depth study you’ll experience over your Course, all our students also attend stimulating, discursive Seminars. You can read more about our seminars here.

    These are larger groups, where students are encouraged to discuss exciting topics with students from other subjects and disciplines. Law students, Medics, and History students might meet in a Current Affairs seminar, where they will all bring fascinating new ideas to the table.

    We believe this opportunity to gain interesting new perspectives and develop a wider knowledge base is what really sets apart a competitive, well-rounded university applicant from the rest of the pack.

    We are working on making sure 2017’s choice of seminars is broad, engaging, and rewarding for all students!

    As with our Courses, each student will choose one 6-hour series of Seminars from the selection.

  • Workshops

    In our interactive skills-based workshops you’ll be encouraged to develop how you process and present ideas and information.

    The workshops have been crafted to explore the vital skills which complement the rest of our academic programme. Through fun exercises and interesting talks you’ll learn more about things like teamwork, lateral thinking, and debating, all of which are essential for success in higher education.

    Take a look at our current selection - including debating at the world-famous Oxford Union - for a taster of what you could be getting up to.

  • Activities and Trips

    A key part of the summer school is getting to know your fellow students and exploring the picturesque and historic city of Oxford. We follow the Oxford ethos of ‘work hard, play hard’ and have packed our timetable of once in a lifetime experiences to suit everyone, from theatrical productions in college gardens and the peculiar tradition of punting, to chilled out movie nights and our legendary end of course bop.

    We also make trips outside of Oxford, including our annual trip to Cambridge - click here to find out more!

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