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At OISS we take a holistic approach, helping students to develop skills outside their core academic courses. Below are examples of some of the skills workshops we offer to provide students with the tools they need to succeed, in life and in further study.

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Our workshops aim to:

Focus on essential skills you will use when applying for, and attending, university

Practice problem solving through team work

Hone self-presentation and communication skills

Improve your ability to form both written and spoken arguments

  • Interview Workshop

    Many of our students have never had an interview before. For many job applicants, or students applying to competitive courses at Oxford, Cambridge, and other top schools or competitive subject areas, the interview portion of the application can be an intimidating experience. This workshop teaches you why organisations interview, the technical skills behind a good interview and how to impress when you are invited to one. You will even get a chance to practise all the skills you have learnt familiarise yourself with the experience in a mock interview.

  • Debating Workshop

    You will have the privilege to study debate in the world-famous Oxford Union! Debating is an excellent way to develop the skills of argument necessary in the tutorial environment, and every student will learn the rules of debating and useful techniques for public speaking. The session will culminate in a debating competition at this phenomenal and prestigious debating chamber, which has hosted many world famous speakers – from Winston Churchill to Richard Nixon, the Dalai Lama to Mother Teresa, and Diego Maradona to Shakira!

  • Presentation Skills

    Studying an academic subject is the core of any educational programme, but the content is only a part of what makes a good student. Learning to properly communicate and present your work, in writing or aloud, is an important skill for any ambitious student, and essential to learn for your future career. During our session, you will learn all about the art of how to present yourself, both in person and on paper. Personal branding is a skill that will have a life-long impact and has a range of different uses, from university and job applications to career and work presentations.

  • Lateral Thinking Workshop

    This session is all about thinking outside the box. Whilst critical thinking makes you look at the problems in a conventional way, lateral thinking is about suggesting inventive solutions. You will be pushed and challenged to solve tricky problems and tasks. This is an exciting opportunity to develop your own perspective on your studies, and prepare you for voicing your own opinion in your tutorials. You may have heard of some of the fabled Oxford interview questions which encourage lateral thinking as opposed to testing your knowledge. Our workshop leader will give you a chance to learn about approaching subjects from new angles!