physics tutor

Plamen Ivanov BA , MSc (Cantab), DPhil (Oxon)

Physics Tutor

My name is Plamen and I am excited to be your Physics tutor at Oxbridge International Summer School 2017. I am from Bulgaria and I came to the UK to study in Cambridge in 2012. I did a 3-year degree in Maths there, followed by a 1-year master’s degree in Physics. I am now a DPhil (or PhD outside of Oxford) student in the Theoretical Physics sub-department in Oxford. I am working with the Plasma Theory group on understanding the behaviour of plasma inside a tokamak – a type of a nuclear fusion reactor. My day to day work is mostly analytical, i.e. playing with equations on a piece of paper. So in that regard it is not that much different from doing a degree in Maths! I love (nearly) everything about Maths and Physics and will be very happy to share some of this love of mine with you!

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