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Why Choose OISS?

Get a True Oxbridge-Inspired Experience

Study one of our fascinating and challenging courses, designed by us to reflect the famous Oxford and Cambridge ‘tutorial system’. With our combination of 1-to-1 and small group tutorials, our courses are tailored to your needs, helping you develop your personal passions and analytical skills.

Stay in university accommodation (single, en-suite rooms) where real Oxford students live during the year.

Unlike other summer schools, all of our tutors are Oxford and Cambridge graduates and top graduates, with many conducting research at the cutting edge of their field. This means they are perfectly placed to make your experience of Oxford life as realistic and academically exciting as possible.

A Global Network

Every year we are joined by students from across the globe, reflecting the truly international experience of studying at a top university and encouraging our students to debate key issues with those from a range of perspectives.

Not only is our academic experience a global one, but our social experience is too. As you explore the historic city of Oxford and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, you’ll get to know everyone at the Summer School, and make friends for life.

Our global focus prepares our alumni for the next stage in their education - with the range of destinations reflecting the diversity of our student body. Our students have gone on to study at internationally respected institutions such as Stanford, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Cambridge, St. Andrew’s and Bristol.

Taste of the Undergraduate Life

Our unique programme combines 1-to-1 and small group tutorials, interactive workshops and inspiring activities and trips, giving you a taster of life as an Oxbridge undergraduate.

Attend daily classes and experience challenging and stimulating one-to-one tutorials inspired by the method of teaching at Oxford and Cambridge, delivered by tutors who have experienced Oxbridge firsthand.

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to make brilliant future university applications, such as debating, lateral thinking and creative writing at our workshops and seminars.

Meet students from around the world, make life-long friends!

Take the next step towards higher education

Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime! Remember to take a look at our amazing courses, activities and much, much more!